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Woah a post!

2009-02-28 05:56:54 by Assassin2

I'm ever so pissed.

My comp was obliterated. Apparently if you try to install XP on a Mac using Bootcamp, the XP disk gets all jealous-ex on your mac and wipes the HDD clean.

This means I lost all my post-college work, which sucks, and LOGIC! and all it's musical goodness. I'm really peeved about that because I had almost finished a few, including 2nds 2nd Theme. Which I had keyed out by ear to do a remix of SinJim's 2nd's Theme and I was pretty impressed that I got it note for note for every single instrument... along with another half dozen pieces that were prolly not that great but still..

Long complain short, I'm rebuilding and I won't be doing much for a while.

And do the deeply affected fans that are worried and wondering when I will be submitting again, I want to thank you both for your concern.

At least my life doesn't suck as much at this guy: 221


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2009-04-19 10:36:55

2nd's theme was awesome;
too bad you lost everything, but it happens to all of us. No use crying over spilt milk right? ;)


2009-08-17 13:31:21

Well, Assassin2/Leechtime------>
I guess I met you AFTER this whole thing went down or I WOULD have heard you bitch about it. Hope you got everything built back on track. Oh and if you meet some stupid yank chick, don't listen to a word she says. She's the maker of inconsistent lies you know. *rolls my eyes at that nameless American Girl*
Sorry to say the link was broken to the guy's life who was worse than your own too. So, I guess you win, when it comes to having the worse life again then, right? Either way, I miss hearing you and your miserable self. The Kraut's gone, so I can chat it up whenever you like. Maybe some morning coffee soon?
Until then, Mate. . .
.........Take care, be good and drink caffeinated