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A Cappella Crew

2009-07-18 10:41:43 by Assassin2

As Sexual Vice President of Organic Cucumber, I am very excited to announce that Organic Cucumber is hosting auditions for positions in our A Cappella team. In this post, I will explain what we are about, what is expected of our team members and what benefits there are to being a member.

Organic Cucumber was founded by Jason Enderby in 2008. It started as a simple outlet for the mental instability of Jason (AKA TARDOM). His methodological approach was to spend the entire duration of a track doing a single instrumental track, and repeating this process until all layers of the song were complete. This resulted in Jason being seen and heard as a slightly unstable but nevertheless harmless chap. Today, Organic Cucumber has been behind some of Hollywood's greatest film scores, and by behind them I mean have done A Cappella versions of them. Organic Cucumber strive to create an A Compelling piece every time.

As a member of Organic Cucumber, your roles will involve researching songs that you deem adequate for an A Cappella, liaising with other members to organise vocal input to have sent to a designated sound engineer, a psychologically questionable medical record is desired but not essential, as is the ability to sing.

The benefits of becoming a member of Organic Cucumber are quite simple. You will find it increasingly easier to create A Cappella pieces, and you will gain a strong sense of admiration from Fisherman and other people that have a profession situated near water that can also be a hobby; such as Surfers, Horticulturalists, Cooks, Janitors and Olympic Swimmers/Divers.

So don't be afraid, apply for Organic Cucumber today and create something magical tomorrow. Visit our NG page and find out more.


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2009-08-17 13:13:37

Ello, ello dare Organic-Cucumber------>
I would like to join you people on your epic journey to educate the World about a capella, birds, lesbians, multi-cultural National conquests, harmonies, speaking lollipops and candies, raccoons amongst other woodland critters, and all the other Organic-Cucumber topic points that may arise throughout your partnership.
I can fill a number of positions with much efficiency and mental defenciency as well. If you need a gal to spew sheit from her lips, allow me to join and I will NOT disappoint, Pal. Believe that. I await your invitiation, oh wait a minute. I'm IN it already, I just am a lazy wanker that's not submitted ONE thing yet for you all.
(I'm sparing you the take care be good business, THIS time.)


2010-01-07 18:00:00

I request to partake in your quest of an a cappella fest. I'll do my best to not be a pest, although at best I am still rather annoying. I apologise before hand for this, and hope this is acceptable for me, to join Organic Cucucucumber. I have no known mental conditions, though am prone to oddishness and grammatical strangeness, no matter how correct the syntax is (usually very). I also have a hobby of confusing and/or scaring people. Good night.


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